About Au Mariage

Different with the seriousness and solemnity ambience in most of the fine dining places,
Au Mariage is different, we aimed to be relatively small contemporary and yet elegant plus relaxing hide-out feel of wine bar and restaurant.
This classy little spot also has a quaint outdoor patio, where you can drink with more elbow room.
You will be seated amid 13 guest’s indoor area and 10 guest’s outdoor patio to ensure your visit is always a memorable want.

Au Mariage is one of the restaurants in Singapore to offer wine pairing dinner.
Intention of the dinner is to be enjoyed in a range of tasting plates which celebrate texture contemporary Japanese and European cuisine
ideally partners for Au Mariage’s expertly curated wines.

Our names say it all. Translated from French to English Mariage simply and beautifully means; “match”.
Match the talent, match the food and wine, match the passion and personality,

We always believe that in every food, there is a story to tell, where fond memories and flavours are blended to create dishes and wines nostalgic and new.
Our surprising wines selection and delightful combinations of simple ingredients reworked with love and creativity.

Au Mariageには13名ほど入れる屋内スペースと10名ほどのテラス席があり、それぞれゆったりとしたスペースでいつでも思い出に残る滞在をお約束します。

Au Mariageではワインとの組み合わせを考えた日本料理やヨーロッパ料理をベースとした創作料理を提供しています。



Our priority is to create a hospitable environment by caring about the little things that contribute to our guest for having a memorable experience.
Hospitality is very personal. It is about how you are with people.
Our smile and care will enhance the interaction from service to an unforgettable moment.
This is where an Au Mariage value comes from.

この想いがAu Mariageの価値になると信じています。